Join many local businesses in historic downtown Poulsbo for an evening of gallery hopping, shopping and dining the Second Saturday of each month from  5-8 pm. Front Street Gallery opens a new show every month with the featured artist's opening reception as part of the Art Walk. Come in and meet local artists, mingle and enjoy refreshments.

Opening Reception Second Saturday of Each Month, 5-8pm


Sgraffito is an ancient technique that involves scratching a design thru a colored slip to reveal the color of the clay body beneath. I try to bring lightness and humor with the love of nature and of natural forms to terra cotta pottery with sgraffito surface designs.  

My ceramic sculpture is an exploration of animal figures, simplifying the form and finishing with simple patinas.

Fold-forming is a metal forming technique created by Charles Lewton-Brain .  Using sheet metal, many textures and shapes can be created in the process of folding and forging.  I am exploring vessel forms  as a continuation of the vessels I create in pottery.


Featured Artists for 2018

January: Mark Ferris, Paula Gill

February: All Gallery Jewelers

March: Elaine Greene

April: Ars Poëtica

May: Gerry Guertin

June: Steve Parmelee

July: John Adams

August: Sylvia Carlton

September: Jessica McGreal

October: Belinda Payne

November & December: All Member Show