Special Events

Ars Poetica 2019

Where does the term “Ars Poetica” come from? Turns out that in Latin it means “the art of poetry”-- title of a poetical epistle written about 20 BC by the Roman poet Horace. In his Ars Poetica, he wrote: “The making of a poem is like that of a painting,” and also: “Painters and poets alike have always had license to dare anything. We know that, and we both claim and allow to others in turn this indulgence.” And now, many centuries later, ARS POETICA is continuing that tradition.

Please click here to access the schedule of Ars Poetica readings in Kitsap county for 2019.


Partnering with Non-Profits

Front Street Gallery is committed to supporting local non-profit groups such as Point No Point Lighthouse Foundation, West Sound Wildlife Shelter, Bras for a Cause and Bainbridge Island Special Needs Art Program. If your group is interested in a partnership please contact Special Events liason Michelle Amicucci at michelleamicucci@comcast.net.